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Terms & Conditions of Transactions

1. Application of conditions

1.1. The present agreement concerns exclusively the sale of products within the UK territory, through the website, operating as a sole proprietorship under the name “Socks In Case Ltd.”, based in Rowcross Street, SE1 5HQ, London, UK (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), defined solely by the specific terms and agreements.

1.2. The use of the website for commercial purposes of third parties is prohibited. 

1.3. Socksincase  reserves the right to remove and/or modify the e-shop, its terms of use and the conditions of transactions whenever it seems necessary and without prior notice. 

2. Products.

2.1. SocksInCase product orders depend on their availability.

2.2. SocksInCase reserves the right to withdraw or modify from the website any product at any time, without prior notice.


3. Orders.

3.1. The orders are sent in writing via Internet once you complete and send the relevant Order Form found on the website: SocksInCase has received your order once its registration is completed and the relevant confirmation email has been sent to you or in the case that you have chosen to pay by card, once its payment has been approved/confirmed and you receive the “Confirmation of Order Registration”. You must check the Registration Confirmation and immediately notify SocksInCase in writing of any error; otherwise the information stated in the Registration Confirmation will apply to this Agreement.

3.2. Order status updates appear on the user’s screen and they are sent by e-mail to the contact email address that the user has registered.

3.3. SocksInCase reserves the right not to accept an order at its sole discretion (the reasons may be related to the product, the order, the shipment).

3.4. Order Cancellation. SocksInCase has a mechanism for canceling an online order (either in whole or in part) which has already been registered in the online store. For any cancellation of an order (either in whole or in part) you must send an e-mail to until the end of the day of order, giving your details and the order number. Then, we will undertake its cancellation.

4. Prices.

4.1. The prices on our website include the corresponding VAT. The shipping costs are charged to you. The shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the number of products and the shipping address.

4.2. The price you pay is the total price of the product(s) and the cost of shipping. 

4.3. The prices of the online store products and shipping (shipping costs) can change at any time. The prices listed on the products are valid exclusively for purchases made from the e-shop. Prices in physical stores may vary. “SocksInCase” is not responsible for any price difference.

4.4. Ownership of the product is transferred after full payment of the above price.

4.5. An invoice is issued to companies and freelancers, provided that they complete all the necessary information when ordering.


5. Shipping - Products delivery

5.1. The user can choose through the online store the address where he wishes to receive his order.

5.2. The shipment of products is made by Royal Mail and at the address indicated in your order request.

5.3. “SocksInCase” is not responsible for delays in delivering products due to your own fault in registration process (ex. incorrect address) or a failed delivery attempt if there was no one there to receive the package, as well as for an untimely delivery in the following cases:

  • In periods of extreme weather conditions, strikes or other acts of force majeure which could affect the transport and delivery of your order.
  • In case that it is impossible to communicate with you by phone and / or by e-mail.
  • In case that there is a problem related to the payment of your order.

6. Product Return policy

You have the right to return products you have bought from – – for a full refund within 30 days of receiving them.

All items have to be unused with labels and packaging intact. When you return any product, you must cover the shipping charges. As soon as we receive your return, we will process your refund request. Please note that you will not be reimbursed for the original shipping charges. Any refunds made by us will be processed back to the original payment method when you placed your order.

If you would like to change your item for a different color or size, please return your unwanted item and place a new order.

We do not take responsibility for any items lost during the return shipping.


7. Limitation of Liability

SocksInCase in the context of its transactions from the online store is not responsible and it is not obliged to compensate the customer for any damages or loss may arise from the cancellation of orders, the non-execution of orders or their delay of execution, for any reason. It cannot provide any warranty for product availability in the on-line store but it undertakes to promptly inform the customers about the availability or not of the precise product, in this case the company bears no further responsibility. The online store provides content (ie information, names, pictures, illustrations), products and services available through the site “as they are”. Under no circumstances will SocksInCase be liable in civil or criminal liability for any damage (whether positive, special or incidental, which, but not limited to, alternatively and/or cumulatively, consists of loss of profits, loss of data, loss of earnings, pecuniary interest, etc.) will be subject to a visit to the e-shop by the customer or a third party for a reason related to the operation or not and/or the use of the website and/or the inability to provide services and/or products and/or information made available by him/her and/or any unauthorized third party interventions to products and/or services and/or information available through it.


8. Sending your order means that:

A. You have read and understand the terms herein and accept them unconditionally.

B. The products are intended for your own consumption or for the personal consumption of the person, to whom they are sent and their further promotion and resale is prohibited. It is also forbidden to dispose the packaging that accompanies them.

C. It is your responsibility to provide your personal data accurately.

D. You are the legal holder of the credit you use for your transaction (in the event that it also belongs to another, you have the consent of the credit party) and that the credit card has not been canceled or prohibited in any way.

E. The email address you declare and use belongs to you, is accurate and active.

F. Maintaining the confidentiality of your password is your sole responsibility and you will not allow anyone else to use it.

G. “SocksInCase” reserves the right not to accept your order.

H. You ensure the safe use of the site by your computer against virus transmission.

I. Your connection to the e-shop is at your own risk as to the possibility of causing any damage to your computer and its software (from any virus transmission), which you know, that you are running during its connection and you undertake entirely.

IA. You are obliged to compensate the company “SocksInCase” in full (representatives, employees and associates) for any damage resulting from the violation of this contract.

IB. Concerning any issue can arise from this contact, “SocksInCase” liability is limited to the price of your order and you waive any claim for excessive damage.


9. Withdrawal:

Non-defective product return – Right of undue withdrawal from the customer

9.1. You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days of the date of the conclusion of the service contract. Retirement is subject to the following conditions: This withdrawal is unjustified and no charged and if the item has already been delivered, the customer must return the product exactly in the state he received it, with all its parts, the accompanying forms and the packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted only if the purchaser first has paid any amount charged on Socksincase for sending him the item and the shipping costs for its the return.

9.2. The declaration of withdrawal is made in written form or on-line and Socksincase is obliged to send a confirmation upon its receipt.

9.3. According to the terms of this paragraph, the customer should return the product(s) within the term of 14 days from the day of communicating his intention to withdraw from the contract.

9.4. The way the refund is made depends on the payment method the customer has chosen.

Particularly, the case of payment by credit card has as follows: in the case that Socksincase has already received the money from the bank before the withdrawal and the return of the product, it is obliged to inform the bank about the cancellation of the transaction and the bank will then proceed to any act provided according to the contract that it has concluded with the customer. Once the bank has been informed, the company bears no responsibility for the time and manner of execution of the reversal as this is regulated by the contract. In case of a cash payment, if the customer has chosen to pick the product from the store, the refund will take place at the store where he picked up the product.

9.5. The customer is responsible for refunding Socksincase if he made another use of the products, different from their nature, characteristics and function, in the time period until he makes a declaration of withdrawal. 

9.6. Ιn case the packaging of the product is damaged/opened, the value of the product is automatically reduced as it is considered used. The customers should refund the company regarding the reduction in the value of the product. The above mentioned case is checked and defined by the company and the reduction in the value of the product is usually in the range of 20% -30%. Socksincase  has the right to make an agreement with the customer as for the refund and decide even to proceed to a mutual offset.

9.7. In case that the products are returned damaged or they are not in their entirety the online store has the right to request compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the products. The company has also the right to proceed unilaterally and unconditionally to a total or partial offset of this claim against the customer.

9.8 Exceptions to the Right of Withdrawal

Exceptionally, the consumer has no right to withdraw from off-premises contracts (Article 3ιβ Joint Ministerial Decision Z1-891/13-06-2013) in the case of purchase of products which cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons. 

Finally, it should be pointed out that the withdrawal is not accepted if the products to be returned are in a bad condition, mainly for health or hygiene reasons, and if they have been opened after the delivery.


10. Force majeure

SocksInCase is not responsible for delays in delivering products, for cases that cannot be blamed or are due to force majeure and will be entitled to an extension of time for execution. Examples include strikes, terrorist acts, war, problems with suppliers / transport / production, exchange rate fluctuations, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters.

11. Applicable law - Jurisdiction

All transactions you make through “SocksInCase” are governed by International and European law, which governs matters related to e-commerce.

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